13 July 2009

Great Moments in Blog Failure

There was an update posted yesterday, now lost to the whims of auto-save failure.

So, forgive the briefness of this (second attempt) at a post:

On Sunday the Marked Men for Christ hosted all of us on Lake Wilson. The MMC are a group of Catholic lay men who support each other in their attempts to be good Catholic fathers and husbands. They took us out for water-skiing (a disaster for me), tubing (very successful) and knee-boarding (almost as disastrous as water-skiing).

After several hours on the water - and only minor sunburn - we bbq'd. A great time was had by all.


Under two weeks until we head to Allison Park, PA.


Two nights and two huge thunderstorms. Yet, the humidity has not been alleviated.

Today's forecast, 99 degrees; tomorrow, well over 100.

One of the things I won't miss about Kansas is the high temperatures combined with the (so they say) abnormal humidity.

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