06 July 2009

Outside Today

Outside for Habitat work today -- temperature only reached into the mid-80s. In other words, it was rather delightful. By Friday it will be 104 outside. I guess we'll enjoy "normal" weather while it lasts.

Spent the day pulling wooden siding off of a house and prepping it for vinyl siding. Two things about which I know very little. Thankfully, it turned out to be crowbar and hammer work.

And you know what? I'm rather proficient at wonton destruction with a purpose. Who knew?


Cat update: Cat does not want to get near me. Until I eat oatmeal outside, then he's my best friend.


Time update: Under three weeks here.


Story that I forgot to post:

Managed to chip/crack a tooth last week playing basketball. Went to dentist today. More or less said "suck it up." Now I have a cool mouth guard. Fun on the plains, indeed.


Anonymous said...

What? No post about Michael Jackson?

Chris said...

I think you mean "wanton" rather than "wonton" destruction--although the use of Chinese dumplings for siding conjures up some vivid images.
Take care