22 August 2009


A few updates ...

... yesterday: Ministry with Senior Connections. Visited two elderly residents in a senior community in Lawrenceville. One, a widow for twenty years, the other never married. Wonderful sweet ladies, yet there exists so much pain in their lives. Just another reminder of how important family (and forgiveness) is.

Also went to the St. Augustine's Province picnic in North Park. Ironically, a friend who graduated two years behind me at CUA attended because she is a CapCorps (lay volunteer) working for St. Aug's province in Cleveland. We had no idea that we would see each other there. Pretty cool.

Got to me Sean Cardinal O'Malley too. He's originally a member of St. Aug's. When I first saw him I didn't recognize him. He was wearing clerics without the collar. No cross, no pomp, nothing. Had a brief conversation with him about some mutual friar friends. Pretty neat.

I'm cooking today and tomorrow for the brothers. Today Erik and I are making baked cod and stuffed shells. Tomorrow, Jude and I will attempt pot roast (Lord, it's a beautiful piece of meat, don't let us mess it up) along with roasted potatoes.

Marathon training goes well. Today I attempt another "fartleck." The word means "crazy training" (well, maybe not) in a Scandanavian language. It's four minutes jogging and one minute sprinting over the five mile loop. When I complete that today I'll be up to 32 and a half miles for the week. Next week my goal is 34 miles. Conventional wisdom says not to increase one's mileage by more than 5-8% each week. So, we'll see how that goes!


e.janeczko said...

Good luck with your marathon training! I would like to do one someday as well, ideally the NYC marathon, but we'll see. Also, good luck with that pot roast! I'm sure Grandma would be proud ;)

RZ said...

Matt -- Shall I have Lou call you with instructions on the pot roast. Hoepfully, it is prime meat.