09 August 2009

An Update

Signed up for the Pittsburgh Marathon on May 2, 2010. Yes, a marathon.

Perhaps I'm nuts.

For the route, try here.


Things are going well here -- been a Capuchin for two weeks and I haven't been forcibly removed from the premises, so I must be doing something right.

Yesterday began our normal schedule; tomorrow things begin in earnest with work projects (grass cutting for me) and class (introduction to Liturgy).


Getting into the 90s today, so I'll be buried in the NYT today.

Happy Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Hey Matt-\
Good for you, a marathon is a goal of mine as well. Shooting for maybe 2010 Phila. marathon. Good to hear you are doing well. You look good in brown; so it's either this or UPS!


Anonymous said...

That's Chris J., by the way. i noticed there is another chris on here...