11 September 2009

Catching Up

What a week it's been.

The days go so quickly, but the time moves so slowly. (Remember your adverbs, kids.)

There will be an update of some type soon.

In the meantime, keep the prayers coming for me. And know of mine for you.


Anonymous said...

praying for and following your blog. I am a mom of a seminarian and I am always looking for insight into my own son's vocation. Thanks for your blog.

Matt J said...

It's always a big help when moms (and dads!) are supportive of their sons, especially when they find themselves pursuing vocations. From a 25-word comment, it seems you're behind your son.

So, on behalf of sons in formation/seminaries everywhere, thanks!

Anonymous said...

i thank you for your correct adverb use. I can't stand when people drop the "ly" from them.

Chris J