26 October 2009

The Bogar Rises (Almost)

My hero is in the running for a manager's spot in The Show.  Finally.  It'll take some reading, down through the above posted link, but you'll find Tim Bogar being suggested as a candidate for the Astros managing job.  Bogar now serves as the first base coach for the Boston Red Sox.

Why do I love Tim Bogar? 

Let me explain: Tim Bogar played for the Mets for several seasons as a utility player.  The fact that he could play anywhere on the diamond was quite possibly his sole redeeming quality as a ball player.  One season, due to injuries, Bogar got the chance to play everyday and played well.  This brief flash in the pan found its end when Bogar broke his ankle sliding safely into home plate (ironic, eh?) after hitting an inside the park home run.  At some point during his chance to play each day, the Mets featured Bogar on the front cover of their program scorecard in a trench coat, a la Humphrey Bogart.  Get it?  Bogie and Bogie? 

I was at one of the games where the Bogar(t) cover was published.

On behalf of washed up utility infielders everywhere, go get 'em Bogie.


Call me crazy, but I enjoy listening to Tim McCarver on FOX. 

(But, Joe Buck is still a hack.)  Yet, I think Buck and McCarver are correct in suggesting claims of bias against certain teams comes more from those listening then those speaking (Mac & Buck).

Sandomir of the Times has the story.

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