29 October 2009

Even the Church is Anti-Met

From Archbishop Tim Dolan's blog:

It’s been hard for this bishop to be against angels, but fortunately that crisis of conscience has passed with the Yankees 5-2 victory last night over the Los Angeles Angels, giving them their 40th American League pennant and sending the Bronx Bombers back to the World Series.

Rooting for the Yankees has been a very natural thing for me, as I have been a Yankee fan since 1961 when, as an 11 year old in Saint Louis, I closely followed the Maris/Mantle home run race. (Of course, being a Cardinal’s fan is a part of my D.N.A.)

With the Angels out of the way, and my beloved Redbirds having been sent home in the first round, there will be no dilemmas when it comes to cheering unreservedly for the Yankees in the Fall Classic.

However, I will feel bad for my friend and mentor, Cardinal Rigali of Philadelphia, when the Yankees beat his Phillies.

And for Mets fans, please remember that October 28, the first day of the World Series, is also the Feast of Saint Jude, the Patron Saint of Impossible Cases.

That hurts my heart. 
Then again: it was rather easy to forsake my values while watching Cliff Lee mow down the Highlanders of the Bronx last night.

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