30 October 2009

Friday Bustello

Russians 1, Bad(der) Guys 1.

Apparently, no more scary costumes at Halloween parties this year

An amusing paragraph:

In a school district in Illinois, students are being encouraged to dress up as historical characters or delicious food items rather than vampires or zombies. In Texas, a school has issued suggestions for “positive costumes” for the annual Halloween dance. At Riverside Drive, a Los Angeles public school in the San Fernando Valley, the Halloween parade is being defanged right down to its jagged fingertips.

Maybe I'm well off-base on this one, but I think that cheeseburgers have killed exponentially more Americans than fictional movie characters.  Just sayin'. 

(And let's not even get into all the fun even a moderately intelligent fifth grader could have with the topic of "historical characters".)

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