25 October 2009


Many of you may know this; some of you may not:  I find it necessary to rearrange meaningless items in my life on a somewhat regular basis.  Call it keeping things fresh.  Thus, I recently rearranged my gmail browser; last week, I moved the desk in my room beneath my window.  It's sort of funny in a way, because I generally keep the important things in my life relatively stable.  My friends remain the same and my passions (baseball, church, politics) have remained steady for most of my adult life.  (There was, of course, an unspeakable dalliance into Yankee Fan-dom, about which my family does not speak.)

Regardless, things around my humble corner of cyberspace have remained remarkably steady for more than a year now.  Can you imagine?  This Capuchin Franciscan experiment keeps me interested day after day: and for that, God can only be the explanation.  Well, that and a lot of your prayers.

That being said, a tweaking around these parts is necessary as well.  I've been batting the idea around a lot lately and I'm leaning towards posting more links, stories and other things that I find particularly interesting.  As one of my classmates noted earlier in the week, this blog functions more as a extended version of Twitter than anything else.  In other words, most of the time I post short updates on what the mundane happenings in my life. 

Well, I think I'm feeling a bit more ambitious.  As a result, expect more stuff up here.  Most of what makes its way up here will be fit loosely into the categories of books, news, baseball, religion or a combination thereof.  Of course, I'll also continue keeping you all updated on this funny thing one calls a vocation.

I'm not sure how it's going to work, but I guess we'll all find out.