29 October 2009

Thursday Morning Bustello

This morning I borrowed Greg Mortenson's Three Cups of Tea from the local library. 

From the back cover:

In 1993 a mountaineer named Greg Mortenson difted into an impoverished Pakisatan village in the Karakoram mountains after a failed attempt to climb K2.  Moved by the inhabitants' kindness, he promised to return and build a school.  Three Cups of Tea is the story of that promise and its extradinary outcome.
Funny, but today Nicholas Kristoff mentioned Mortenson's work while making a compelling case for a shift in focus from military to education in Afghanistan

In other news:

Russians 1, Yankees 0. 

Chase Utley is a baller.

Yankee Fan comment of the morning (on bullpen woes):
They need to tie up joe girardi and stuff him in a locker.  That's the problem with the bullpen.
The word of the day is near to my heart.

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