27 October 2009

Tuesday Bustello

I miss baseball already.  My favorite baseball blogger agrees.

I don't care what the Hardball Times says, David Wright is a saint.  (OK, fine, he performed poorly in the field this year.  But still...)

I'm rooting for Mumbles.  I'm going to be a Boston resident for the next five years (as of this July), so I think I deserve a say.

Two members of the Australian province arrive today to present several spiritual conferences.  Call it a day of reflection of whatever you like.  We'll conference this evening and tomorrow afternoon with some blessed and beautiful silence between them. 

That means I'll likely finish up Ratzinger's Introduction to Christianity within the next day or two.  I could get used to this reading thing.

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Matt said...

You'll see when you get to Boston, Mumbles is a terrible mayor. He only remains in power because he has the money to stay in power and because it is very hard to unseat an incumbent.

For an example of what I mean, take a look at the gap between the rich and poor neighborhoods in Boston, the differences in schools, access to services, and violent crime.