14 October 2009

Worth a Look

I'm always entertained by James Martin, SJ. Snippets of his My Life with the Saints has made its way in and out of my discernment journey for quite some time.

Besides writing books at a seemingly prodigious pace, Martin also blogs at the America Magazine website. Today he riffs on Sarah Silverman and church property. My buddy Frankie gets a mention, so that's a plus one for my favorite Jesuit. Martin also discusses laughing at sterotypes and defends the Church against some of the most common attacks against its supposed "wealth."

Big bonus points for his closing remarks:

Of course Pope Benedict XVI could not “sell” any of the treasures of the Vatican, the same way that your local archbishop couldn’t sell off the cathedral at a whim; they are not his, they are the church’s. And the church is not simply the hierarchy but the entire people of God. Much in the same way the Ken Burns TV series "National Parks" hammered home the idea that the national parks are everyone's property, the treasures of the church are the property of all Catholics.

Still, perhaps Ms. Silverman, in her post-modern, potty-mouthed way is on to something. Like Jesus was. Sell the Vatican? Well, maybe not everything but perhaps a statue or two?

Read the post here.

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Saw that on Christian Science Monitor via yahoo today

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