02 November 2009

Brother Bike

Last week I went to an orthopedist because I'd been having pain in my left leg.  My kid brother had shin splints pretty bad in high school and I had been experiencing the pain since before the half-marathon. 

X-rays came back negative; the doctor diagnosed me with a stress reaction in my left leg.  It's a weakening of the bone that ocurrs before a stress fracture.  He advised me not to run until Thanksgiving.  In the meantime, I'm restricted to low impact cross-training activities.  And that's alright: I can lift and bike.

Until today, I had forgotten why I took up running and not biking.  When my dad taught me how to ride a bike as a kid, I could never figure out the brakes.  I would just aim towards a tree to stop (I'm serious).  I don't do that anymore, but the lack of passion is still there.

Today I rode 10 miles and feel distinctly and completely unsatisfied.  And all the folks I passed who were running looked so happy.

Until I'm back on the road, just call me Brother Bike.

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