02 November 2009

Call It a "Must-Read"

I continually plague a buddy with whom I used to work with "must-reads."  These most usually include David Brooks and Tom Friedman in the Times.  Each Sunday I find myself going through the newspapers and cutting out things to mail him.  Usually things from the Book Review and the Week in Review make it; on occasion I've found good stuff in the sports or travel section.  Occasionally, I'll find stuff online too and mail it on down to him. 

Well, I'm reading a book that is a "must-read."  And, since it's a library book equipped with a sticker reading "$.50/day late fee and no renewals," I won't be mailing it to anyone. 

But, do yourself a favor:  Go out and buy, borrow or steal Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin.  It's non-fiction that reads like fiction combined with a great narrative that operates on several different levels. 

In other words: It's a must read.

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Anonymous said...

Told you...back to NY..