13 November 2009

Great Moments in Self-Promotion

From the blog:

Just a quick hit from me today:

Oakland Rookie Pitcher Vin Mazzaro set a record this season for most PAs in a season without recording an AB. Over the course of 2 inter-league games Mazzaro came to the plate 4 times, each with a runner on first, and successfully sacrificed the runner over each time. Here are the most PAs without an AB...
Check out this list here.

Why does this mean anything?

My senior year of high school, locked in a tight battle aginst highly ranked Rutherford High School, I pinch hit.  Runners were on first and second and everyone knew I was up there to bunt.  And, I should note: I could always get bunts down.  This time, however, I couldn't.  Fouled off the first on an attempt on what should have been ball one, high.  Took the second pitch way outside, called strike two.  Choked all the way up the bat and fought off a pitch on the hands right over the third base bag for a single.  The pitcher?  Vin Mazarro.

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