22 November 2009

A Heavy Dose of Politics

In case you were interested ... some interesting things which passed through my "GoogleReader" today follow.

Is everyone disappointed in the president?  M.J. Rosenberg of "Talking Points Memo" thinks so:
I think that President Obama's problems are not reflected in his 49% approval rate in the latest polls. Next week he'll be at 56% or 46%. Whatever. I don't put much stock in them.
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Is Gallup making funny with their polls?  Not likely.  Then again, 538politics asks some great questions.

Also from 538, Nate Silver (of Baseball Prospectus fame) dishes on the conundrum in which Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) finds herself:

Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln, who is up for a tough re-election fight next year, really doesn't have any good choices when it comes to the Democrats' health care reform bill. On the one hand, the measure has become unpopular in her state, and Arkansas -- which was not so long ago considered a swing state, has since become deeply red: one of just a handful of states where Republicans actually gained ground between 2004 and 2008. On the other hand, opposing the measure would depress her base, virtually ensure a primary challenge, perhaps cost her plum committee assignments in the Democratic caucus, and create a toxic environment for the Democrats nationally. It really is a no-win situation.

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Today much of their enthusiasm is gone.
But I do put stock in this. I do not know a single person who is not disappointed by Obama's first year in office. And the people I know represent Obama's base. Pretty much all of them supported him in the primaries. They worked like dogs during the general. And they took buses, cars and planes to be at his inauguration.

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