19 November 2009


From Calcaterra (excuse the profanity for all the non-New Yorkers out there):

A guy I know up in Flint tells this story about life at GM in the 80s that may be total bullshit, but I hope to God is true (it's certainly truthy). Goes like this: GM used to give out cash awards to engineers and designers who came up with particularly innovative ideas, redesigns, etc. that ended up being adopted in production cars. One year, this fellow suggests that the radiator caps and windshield washer fill caps and stuff be painted and color coded so that morons don't confuse them with one another and, I dunno, quit putting oil in the radiator. Great idea! Here's your $1000 or whatever. After it's put in production, the paint started to burn and bubble under the heat of the engine and caused a terrible smell. Same guy proposes that they cease painting the caps and gets another $1000. I bring this up only because Bud Selig now has the bright idea to tighten up the playoff schedule he loosened up a couple of years ago. I can't wait until this dude's Hall of Fame induction speech.
I'm glad I don't need to pick out paint colors for friaries.

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