21 November 2009

So, You Want to Clean a Chapel ...

Jobs rotate in the novitiate every three months or so.  We've been here a while, thus the jobs rotated.  Simple syllogism.  I moved from cleaning our common recreation area to serving as co-sacristan.  Duties include setting out vessels each night for the mass the following morning, lighting the candles before prayer and making sure that chapel decor matches the particular feast, memorial or season.  Moreover, on each Saturday the linens from the following week need to be soaked, washed, dried and pressed.  As one of the sacristans perfoms that duty, the other must sweep and scrub the floor, pledge the wood and windex (yeah, weird, right?) the granite/marble. 

After spending a year at Resurrection in Laurel where a common between/before Mass delight was tormenting our high school sacristan, I now feel deep contrition.  It ain't easy.

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