19 November 2009

Thursday Morning

An update ... (assuming you were interested) ...

I'm currently reading Under the Banner of Heaven, written by John Kraukauer.  In 1984, two fundamentalist Mormon brothers murdered their sister-in-law and her year-old child based on a revelation from God.  The book charts the history of the Mormon faith and intertwines this history with the story of the Lafferty Brothers.  Fascinating stuff. 

There is a fundamental question raised in the book which begs reflection.  When is a religious person a "crazy person"?  Or, in other words, if faith asks you to believe/do something irrational, when does acquiescing to that requirement mean that you are no longer a "rational person" in the eyes of the law? 

Chew on that one for a while.


Today is our day off, so I'm thinking about walking up the road to a Chinese restaurant.  The food isn't spectacular, but it's reasonably priced and does not require hopping in a car to get there. 

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Anonymous said...

It depends on who you ask. From my experience, and atheist would say there is no difference between a theist and, maybe not a crazy, but certainly a delusional person. As for me, when one starts saying God is talking to them, especially if it is encouraging violence, then you've crossed that line. Or, if you have faith that the Mets will be good next year.

Chris J.