03 November 2009

Tuesday Morning Bustello

From Shysterball:

I'm assuming it's Pettitte v. Martinez in Game 6, but since Happ hasn't pitched, he could go in Game 6 with Pedro going in a Game 7, thereby (a) bypassing the less-than-motivated Cole Hamels; and (b) setting up the possibility of a legendary final achievement for a legendary pitcher. Really, I couldn't give a rat's patootie about the Phillies, but how awesome would it be to see Pedro Martinez beat the Yankees with some stellar performance in Game 7? I mean, sure, Yankees fans and Cole Hamels would commit suicide, but everyone else would freak the hell out.

According to the staff here, last night I experienced a "morose delectation."

It went something like this:

If the Yankees were to win the World Series, I wished them to do it last night, thereby denying Yankee fans the ability to celebrate at Yankee Stadium while also forcing Phillie phans watch the visiting team celebrate on their home turf.  And that, young and aspiring psychologists out there, is a morose delectation.

New Jersey votes today.  And I'm glad we're getting publicity about this.  Thanks, New Republic.

WaPo's "The Fix" has the scoop on the election in the greatest state in the Union.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, the Phillies chances have just increased after that win. Petitte, while still good, is an old man going on 3 days rest. Pedro will be fully rested. The odds are still against them for the title, obviously, but there reason to believe. Perhaps you can turn this into a teachable moment:

Faith and baseball.

Chris J.