11 November 2009

Wednesday Bustello

I managed to wake up exactly six minutes before prayer today.  Somehow, I made it.  Washing your face, brushing your teeth, putting on clothes, putting on a habit and heading over to the chapel in six minutes is a pretty impressive feat I think. 

Just another day in paradise, you know?


Mets Blog talks about the Mets' pitching needs this morning.  I agree with Matt Cerrone: getting two of these three: Pineiro, Wolfe and Garland is preferrable to moving into a bidding war with the Yankees over John Lackey. 

Here's a must read: xkcd satirizes political discourse in America today.  Trust me, it's worth it.


Cooking duty today; need to interview a brother for our novitiate newsletter; would like to ride a bike at some point; a refridgerator in the house isn't working at the moment. 

It'll be a busy one.

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