15 November 2009

Weekend Round-Up

Our postulants from the east visited this weekend, thus precluding a thorough reading the Sunday Times.  (Yet.)

Last night, however, I finished a Cyrus Baker novel: To Kingdom Come.  Will Thomas knows both mystery and historical fiction.  I highly recommend both Some Danger Involved and To Kingdom Come.

I'm also muddling my way through a paper written by the Capuchins' former Minister General, John Corriveau (now a bishop).  More thoughts on that when I'm finished.

In the meantime, I got out for another vastly unsatisfactory bike ride today, though I did manage to pass some folks, thus assuaging my wounded pride.  I even managed to run about 100 meters pain-free. 

I'm shooting for a return next week.  There will be plenty of ice and prayer in the meantime.

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