14 December 2009

Back on Track

A visit from the parents, cooking duty last night (Shepherd's Pie) and some backlogged laundry had me tied up yesterday.  However, with the aid of Frank Sinatra I made significant progress on a presentation I'm giving this week on George Herbert.  I think I'm about 80% finished with two days left until showtime.  In other words, I'm right where I want to be.

I meant to get to bed early last night, I really did.  However, we had a visitor from out of town and as my classmates can tell you, whenever friars sit down and start telling war stories, I can't pull myself away.  Surely I got less sleep than I would have preferred, but it was worth it.  As it usually is.

We're in the full sprint to Christmas here.  The local fraternity of the SFOs bring supper tonight, the choir practices tomorrow evening and then we sing at the local nursing home on Wednesday night.  After that, it's clear sailing until Noel.

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