31 January 2010

1/2 of the Times

I'm halfway through the Sunday Times.

So far:

Maureen Dowd is good today; she must have heard that I'm hot for Peggy Noonan lately.

“We didn’t create this mess, but we are here to help clean it up,” the freshman member said, before ticking off a litany of things that have soured many Americans on the president who came in trailing fairy dust.

“When you stood up before the American people multiple times and said you would broadcast the health care debates on C-Span, you didn’t,” he said.
And another good one: “You said you weren’t going to allow lobbyists in the senior-most positions within your administration, and yet you did.”
And another: “You said you’d go line by line through the health care bill. And there were six of us, including Dr. Phil Roe, who sent you a letter and said we would like to take you up on that offer. ... We never got a call.”
And this rousing finale: “And when you said in the House of Representatives that you were going to tackle earmarks and in fact you didn’t want to have any earmarks in any of your bills, I jumped out of my seat and applauded you.”
But that was another disappointment.
Obama hedged on a technicality on the health care question, noting that “overwhelmingly the majority of it actually was on C-Span because it was taking place in Congressional hearings in which you guys were participating.”
Nick Kristoff tells a story that will have you angry, upset and just plain ready to do something about our world.

Tom Friedman tells me the sky is falling two days per week.  I think he's correct. 

Frank Rich is angry as usual.  He did, however, remind me that I need to read Master of the Senate.  Because, you know, they don't make Senate Majority Leaders like they used to make them:

We keep hearing that they just don’t make legislative giants like that anymore. In truth, the long drought has led us to forget what they look like and to define senatorial leadership down. L.B.J.’s current successor, Harry Reid, could be found yawning on camera Wednesday night. He might as well have just taken the whole nap. Here was this leader’s pronouncement last week on the future of the president and his party’s No. 1 priority: “We’re not on health care now. We’ve talked a lot about it in the past.” Yes, a lot of talk — a year’s worth, in fact — with nothing to show for it.
From the depressing to the absurd.  Tweens like their body sprays.  I weep for our future.

A biography of Willie Mays is being published.  I'll read it.  A personal note about this: back in the second grade I needed to argue with a teacher and the school librarian to take out an "autobiography" of Willie Mays.  It ran almost seven hundred pages and no one thought I read it in its entirety.  But, I did.  However, I was too young to realize that when words in sentences were printed "*****" that it was a curse.  It took me several weeks to finish the book, but lo and behold, I managed it.  The memories we have ...

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