18 January 2010

Did You See It Too?

Have you seen The Home Depot's commercial that has been running during the NFL playoff games?

If yes, have you seen the notable mathematical error at the end of the commercial?

This error caught my attention on Saturday night.  In fact, the error so caught my attention that I needed to rush from the room and begin doing figuring on a napkin to confirm my correction.

You see, in the very last scene before the end of the commercial is a "sale" sign advertising deals for cans of paint.  Paraphrasing, the sign reads:

$5 off/ 1 gallon can of paint    
$20 off / 5 gallon can of paint
If this were the case, then it would be a better deal for the consumer to purchase five one-gallon cans of paint, instead of the five gallon can of paint.  The sign would be corrected if the five-gallon can of paint was discounted by $25.01 or more.


Brother Charles said...

Unless the 5 gallon can had a smaller unit price to begin with, as is often the case.

mtjofmcap said...

And I hadn't even thought of that. Touche, brother, touche.