23 January 2010

Saturday Links

Today, we mine the Washington Post for good politics.

Leading off, Chris Cillizza on what the Massachusetts races means and does not mean.

David Broder surveyed the week in Washington that was and its potential implications.

I may not always agree with George Will, but boy oh boy, can the man write!  And in this case, I think I agree with his closing shot:

If Obama can now resist the temptation of faux populism, if he does not rage, like Lear on the heath, against banks, he can be what Americans, eager for adult supervision, elected him to be: a prudent grown-up. For this elegant and intelligent man to suddenly discover his inner William Jennings Bryan ("You shall not crucify America upon a cross of credit-default swaps") would be akin to Fred Astaire donning coveralls and clodhoppers.

Colbert King presents a troubling picture of the have-nots in DC.  Reading this might ruin your morning cup of Joe.

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