01 February 2010

Here's to you, Sr. Ann...

The last time I read Newsweek regularly, Sr. Ann Jordan CSJP made me. 

Today, I flipped through the latest edition and found some goodies:

If you ever wanted to read about neo-cons and know the names to know, you could start here.

As always, Fareed Zakaria is close to brilliant.

Oh: it seems like economists are rather confused lately.  Here's a cheat sheet.

And for your Times fix, Ross Douthat writes about sex ed.  Thoughtful and lucid


poetguy said...

Paul Krugman fans will enjoy this:


Anonymous said...

I, too, have enjoyed Fareed Zarakia...he is refreshingly without much political party dogma as far as I can tell. At least he doesn't let it get in the way of common sense.

Chris J.