03 February 2010

Snow and Reading Plans

More snow here.

Luckily, I got in a run yesterday on the treadmill to the tune of seven miles.  Today it's likely a brisk walk on the treadmill reading the paper.  This novitiate life ain't too bad. 

I finished a Raymond Brown book last night and purloined a copy of commemorative essays on the Capuchin Reform from our stacks of uncatalogued books downstairs.  In addition to that, I'm planning on reading both Franny and Zoey by Salinger and The Landscape of History by Gaddis.  I read the latter in college, but managed to ignore most of its salient points. 

Any other reading suggestions?


A Secular Franciscan said...

I recently enjoyed Lit, the memoir/conversion story by Mary Karr. As a fellow convert what she said really hit home.

wayhip said...

That's funny - I was looking for my copy of "Franny and Zoey" but settled for "Catcher" (this may be the fifth or sixth read for me). I'm also plowing through "Team of Rivals" about the Lincoln cabinet. They're saying we may get upwards of 15 inches of snow Friday/Saturday, so I'm preparing to settle in as well.

Anonymous said...

You MUST read The Echoing Green by Joshua Prager. It is about the Shot Heard Round the World and how the Giants were a big bunch of cheater. How New York. The Pianist is also a good one (upon which the movie of the same title was based).

Chris J

chris y said...

Do something really different--read "Emma" by Jane Austen!