05 April 2010

Baseball is Back

And the Yankees lost.  Hat tip to both Virginia Matt and me for dropping Joba Chamberlin from our Yahoo-league team before the season began. 

Abp. Tim Dolan is correct.  Oh my, oh my, is he correct. 


There's plenty that's happened this past month.  Crisis in the land of the Mets (as usual), seeming crisis in the Church (welcome to the last 2,000 years), healthcare reform (have you read its thousand some-odd pages yet?)

I'm not even going to attempt to catch up on all that has transpired.  I'm more or less going to act like I've been showing my usual snark around these pages for the past month and a half and pick up where I left off.  Sure, one might consider it lazy; but practicality is laziness with lipstick.

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