27 April 2010


Isn't it easy to get side-tracked? 

I've recently started re-reading the Capuchin Consitutions.  I've done it before, but this time I'm going to attempt to take things slowly and chew on each individual article and paragraph.  Part of our patrimony is contemplation: this seems undeniable.  And yet, there are so many built in distractions to our lives which prevent us (Capuchins, me, you) from devoting time to God each day.  Indeed, the decision to fill a part of our time each day with a bit of silence and listening to God might be the most difficult part of any random day. 

And how easily side-tracked I am, especially in this regard.  Talk about a place for growth.  Wow.


Marc Thiessen is talking up the governor of New Jersey:

Many years ago, New York Times columnist Russell Baker invented the oracle known as the "Great Mentioner" -- who makes politicians presidential contenders simply by mentioning their names. William Safire later took up Baker's mantle, channeling the Great Mentioner throughout his illustrious career.

Baker is retired, and Safire is no longer with us. But if the recent buzz is any indication, the Great Mentioner lives on, and he has a new name on his lips: Chris Christie.

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Anonymous said...

What a disaster that would office for 100 or so days and people are already saying that? After a Christie Presidential administration, our educational system would probably roughly resemble Kazakhstan's...

Chris J