05 April 2010

Easter Monday for the Thinking Man

Two articles of note from the Sunday Times regarding Christianity, both of which are worth reflection. 

First, in the Magazine, there is a fascinating reflection upon Easter by Walter Kirn. 

My favorite paragraph:
Ten years ago, during a time of steady churchgoing that followed the birth of my daughter, my first child, I made friends with a gruff old Episcopalian priest to whom I confessed my perennial difficulties with the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, Easter’s for-me elusive main event. He listened with a big fist propped under his chin as I listed my doubts and puzzlements, which went back to childhood. More troubling for me than the supposed miracle’s scientific implausibility, I said, was its murky dramatic character. In what sort of shape was the Savior’s body once it was reanimated? I asked. Pierced and bleeding or intact and shining? And why did Our Lord not fly straight up into the sky rather than hanging around down on the ground? I went on like this for half an hour, until the old man raised his square gray head and stopped me. “Walter, here’s the important thing,” he said. “It either happened or it didn’t, and if it didn’t, if it’s all a lie, neither of us should be in church today. But we are,” he said, “aren’t we? Yes, indeed, we are.”
Read the column in its entirety. 

Meanwhile, the Book Review takes a two-page look, center-fold look at Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years.

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