06 April 2010

Go West, Young Man

L.A. is getting a new bishop.  And it's a big name.  Rocco has all the coverage.

Meanwhile, the Deacon's Bench asks what it means to be a pastor.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Scalia writes beautifully on why she remains a Catholic.

One of the punch lines:
I remain within, and love, the Catholic Church because it is a church that has lived and wrestled within the mystery of the shadow lands ever since an innocent man was arrested, sentenced and crucified, while the keeper of "the keys" denied him, and his first priests ran away. Through 2,000 imperfect — sometimes glorious, sometimes heinous — years, the church has contemplated and manifested the truth that dark and light, innocence and guilt, justice and injustice all share a kinship, one that waves back and forth like wind-stirred wheat in a field, churning toward something — as yet — unknowable.

The darkness within my church is real, and it has too often gone unaddressed. The light within my church is also real, and has too often gone unappreciated. A small minority has sinned, gravely, against too many. Another minority has assisted or saved the lives of millions.

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