23 April 2010

Inside My Head

Mets take three out of four from the Cubbies.

Doing "outside" work at ministry today. 

Both good things.

Oh, and David Brooks is writing columns based on my subconscious.

His opening volley:

In these columns I try to give voice to a philosophy you might call progressive conservatism. It starts with the wisdom of Edmund Burke — the belief that the world is more complex than we can know and we should be skeptical of handing too much power to government planners. It layers in a dose of Hamiltonian optimism — the belief that limited but energetic government can nonetheless successfully enhance opportunity and social mobility.
This general philosophy puts me to the left of where the Republican Party is now, and to the right of the Democratic Party. It puts me in that silly spot on the political map, the center, or a step to the right of it.
Couldn't say it better myself.


Anonymous said...

don't know if you are following it, but back in your home state the new governor is doing his best to destroy public education.

Chris J

RZ said...

Chris J --

No, he is trying to save the state from overpaid teachers (Who work 180 days a year) and police officers (Who make over 100K for patrolling the danegreous streets of Wood-Ridge). Enough is enough. We need change -- And not the type we are getting from the clown who is our president.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, a little late to this I am. I am more on Mr. Met's baseball blog. I see what you are saying, but just remember his changes will result in 30+ kids per classroom and a lessened quality of education. If you're fine with that, then so be it. Just know that NJ schools will see a steady decline in quality. Believe it or not, they are in the top 5 or so in the country.

Chris J