19 April 2010

Links and Housekeeping

Today the Minister General of the Capuchins is visiting the novitiate for dinner.  He'll celebrate mass with us tomorrow and then be on his merry way.  Immediately afterwads, the Provincial of the California Province is presenting a day of recollection for us.  As a result, blogging will be light if at all existent.


But in the meantime:

Tom Friedman, as usual, brings the heat on Sunday.  It's a sign of a great column, at least in my own small mind, that when I read something it makes me think: Can we apply this to the friars?

In response to Rocco Palma's question, I was in Magner Hall watching the television.  I jumped up and said, "Yes." My neighbor screamed, "No."  I think we can safely assume that neither of us got what we expected from this man called Benedict, but am I glad he surprised me.

Even the WaPo is lining up behind a Christian Law Student's Group in California.

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