09 April 2010

Saturday Night Religion Beat

I'm running in a charity 5k tomorrow.  That will mean an earlier bedtime than usual on a Saturday night, but right now it means hydration and some links that have been piling up for the past few days. 

If you're interested in the 5K, however, click here.


Capuchin saint, mystic and fan favorite Padre Pio is getting some new digs.

John Allen dishes on Benedict's bishops

Via AB Tim Dolan's blog, some strong words to the Times from former Mayor Ed Koch.  Very strong.

A key point:
Many of those in the media who are pounding on the Church and the Pope today clearly do it with delight and some with malice. The reason I believe for the constant assaults is that there are many in the media and some Catholics as well as many in the public who object to and are incensed by positions the Church holds, including opposition to all abortions, opposition to gay sex and same-sex marriage, retention of celibacy rules for priests, exclusion of women from the clergy, opposition to birth control measures involving condoms and prescription drugs and opposition to civil divorce. My good friend, John Cardinal O’Connor, once said, “The Church is not a salad bar, from which to pick and choose what pleases you.” The Church has the right to demand fulfillment of all of its religious demands by its parishioners, and indeed a right to espouse its beliefs generally.

I disagree with the Church on all of these positions. Nevertheless, it has a right to hold these views in accordance with its religious beliefs. I disagree with many tenets of Orthodox Judaism – the religion of my birth — and have chosen to follow the tenets of Conservative Judaism, while I attend an Orthodox synagogue. Orthodox Jews, like the Roman Catholic Church, can demand absolute obedience to religious rules. Those declining to adhere are free to leave.
One of my Capuchin confreres uncovers some brilliance from the man who would be pope.

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Anonymous said...

Two things:

1) There is a book I've not yet read by a Penn State history professor entitle "The New Anti-Caholicism: The Last Acceptable Prejudice" and I gather it is similar to what is written on your post. I would argue that there are other acceptable prejudices still out there, but this one seems to be invisible if you ask me.

2) Too late for this race, but: I've found that about 2 pints of beer the night before a race can help. I'm thinking it has something to do with the liquid carbs.

Chris J