13 April 2010

Shameless Copy and Paste

Taken directly from an email I received from the artist known as UP:

Baseball season is just beginning, time for peanuts and Cracker Jacks and a fresh hope that your team will make it to the World Series in October. Which team does it cost the most to cheer on? The annual study by Team Marketing Report reveals that the Chicago Cubs have the highest average ticket prices in baseball. The average price for Cubs tickets is $52.56, just a handful of change above the Boston Red Sox at $52.32. But the Red Sox win when it comes to a more real evaluation, the FCI. The FCI is the fan cost index, the cost for the average family of four to attend a game. The FCI takes into account prices for two adult tickets, two children's tickets, two small draft beers, four small soft drinks, four hot dogs, two programs, two baseball caps and parking for one car. An afternoon at Fenway will run you $334.78, a full $18 more than seeing the Yankees, who ruled last year with a steep FCI of $410.88. The league average FCI is $195.13.

The best bargain is the Los Angeles Angels with a FCI of $124.90. The average FCI is down as many teams are offering cheaper concession items or other discounts. The Yankees are still on top when it comes to premium seats. The Team Marketing report says the average premium seat at Yankees Stadium is $312.11, far down from last year's price which topped $500 but still steep enough for the top slot.

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