16 April 2010

A Small (And Exciting Change)

In some of my posts, I've made occasional mention of DC and/or Virginia Matt.  He's a great friend, a former collegue and an astute baseball mind.  In recent times we've got to talking about taking on a project that I think has always been floating around our technologically geared brains.  We wanted to start a baseball blog.

And so we did.  It's called Baseball Jeremiad and it can be accessed by clicking here.

This has been in the works for a couple of weeks, but we both wanted to get some material up there before I made a (semi-)public announcement.

I fully intend to keep blogging here; however, I'll be focusing more upon things that directly affect me: ministry, national and world affairs, church news, etc.  The baseball material will appear on the new site. 

Here's a list of the topics we've tackled so far:

The Beauty of the Game

Fake Non-Moves

Baseball Miscellany

Stephen Strasburg: Phenon

AJ: Cheater?  Discuss.

Jack Roosevelt Robinson

Since there are two rabid baseball fans working on it, expect both quantity and quality; then again, be patient with us as we try to figure things out.

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