30 May 2010

EJ on Mem. Day

From the WaPo:

Why is it that every Memorial Day, we note that a holiday set aside for honoring our war dead has become instead an occasion for beach-going, barbecues and baseball?

The problem arises because war-fighting has become less a common endeavor than a specialty engaged in by a relatively small subset of our population. True, some people slipped out of their obligations in the past, and military service was largely, though never exclusively, the preserve of men. The steady growth of opportunities for women in the armed forces is a positive development. I say this proudly as someone whose sister is a veteran of the Navy Judge Advocate General's Corps, as is her husband.
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Chris said...

Actually, as a veteran, I have always thought it rather wonderful that we celebrate our most important national holidays (Memorial Day, July 4th) with beach-going, barbecuing, baseball, fireworks, etc. There is a sense of community, it is "un-invaded" by political rhetoric, and those whom we are honoring enjoyed and would enjoy such things. I think the average "American" remembers more than we give him credit for!