07 May 2010

Two Years, Minus a Week

These pages have been up and running for almost two years now.  Mighty incredible, this journey has been. 

I have about 70-something days left here in the novitiate.  Final evaluations are looming on the horizon.  Preparations for first profession -- provided the final evaluation goes well -- are beginning to grind into gear. 

It's funny, with all the preparation for the marathon, our trip to Detroit and general spring insanity, I've fallen well behind in just about everything.  I'm hoping to use this weekend to catch up on crossword puzzles, Times Op-Ed pages, baseball news and emails. 

In the meantime, the temperatues are going to reach into the 80s here today and there is a hazardous waste pick-up tomorrow in the area.  How these two items are related, I have no idea.  They just seemed to round out an otherwise scattered post.

Until then...

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