23 June 2010

Ignatius on "Gettin' Together"

From Ignatius of Antioch:

Try to gather together more frequently to give thanks to God and to praise him. For when you come together frequently, Satan’s powers are undermined, and the destruction he threatens is done away with in the unanimity of your faith. Nothing is better than peace, in which all warfare between heaven and earth is brought to an end.
And is there any place in which it is better to give thanks to God and praise Him then in the context of the Mass? 

There are some who might suggest that participating in mass on a regular (daily!) basis lessens its importance.  I'd take a distinctly opposite position.  Think about the special people in your life.  Does seeing them on a regular basis make the time you spend with them any less important or special?

This small digression is more a criticism of myself than a critique of any one opinion. 

Do I remember how special the Lord is to me on a regular basis?

(Thanks, Ignatius.)

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