20 July 2010

Must Be in a City

I must be not be in Pittsburgh any longer.

I went running this afternoon and passed through neighborhoods of varying ethnicities.

And then in a window I saw it.  And I knew that Boston, just as Brooklyn, would quickly become home.



Anonymous said...

Really? Pittsburgh isn't ethnically diverse?

Chris J

mtjofmcap said...

There's ethnically diverse and then there's ethnically diverse. No offense to Pittsburgh, but East Coast diversity is in a league all its own.

Anonymous said...

I agree, distinct ethnic neighborhoods are far more common in cities like Boston, Providence, NY, Philly.... like Chinatown, Little Italy, etc...

J Gentile

Anonymous said...

Did you sample any of the Polish food while in Pittsburgh? I believe there is a decent P-Amer. population there. After all, they race pierogies at PNC Park. Any comparison to Adam's?

Chris J