22 July 2010

Settling Down

My floor is finally clean and my living quarters are arranged as they should be.  I've moved into two books of disparate topics: a Franciscan history and Zeitoun by Dave Eggers.  The Internet works like a charm and the window AC units are nobly fighting off the Boston heat, haze and humidity.  The chapel is comfortable and allows in just enough ambient noise from the surrounding city to keep one from dozing off.

Yes, indeed, I believe I'm settling in.  Of course, now that I'm finally reaching this point of comfort, it's almost time to take this show on the road again down to Yonkers.  On Saturday morning, my classmate and I will travel to Yonkers to take up temporary residence at St. Clare Friary in Yonkers, NY.  St. Clare serves as our retirement home.  With the same complex can also be found Sacred Heart Church and Friary. It's in this church that we'll profess vows on July 31.  Our week in Yonkers has a two-fold purpose: we'll be on-site to handle any last minute details regarding our profession and also be able to spend time with the senior friars of the parish.

No rest for the weary, but no complaints either.  You don't join a mendicant order to stick around one place for an extended period of time.


Anonymous said...

You know, I think the only person I've known who reads as much as you is my brother. You are quite the prodigious reader.

Chris J.

UP said...

Welcome to New England, my brother! I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.