06 August 2010

Another Nursing Home Story

As I turned to leave Sr. Marietta and head back to the friar, another woman intercepted me on the way to the door.  From her wheelchair she asked me if I was a friar.  Hearing an affirmative response, the woman told me that she had been in the novitiate for a group of Poor Clares a long time ago and that even though she had left, it had been a wonderful experience.  She proudly told me that even though she came into the convent speaking no Latin, she scored an 87 on her canon law exam.

Herein, I think is part of the reason for wearing the habit when friars are acting as public people.  It's a symbol, an invitation, a statement that says, "I'm on duty and willing to listen."  It is also a reminder to the man wearing the habit that he's called to holiness and must always be aware of the example he is giving to those watching him.


Anonymous said...

Hi Brother Matt. I am a new reader to your blog, although I am a devoted follower of Fr. Charles' "A Minor Friar." (Fr. Charles was my parish priest until his recent transfer).

I agree 100% with your post. I think that the habit is an important public sign of your commitment to follow our Lord. I think that the religious communities who have abandoned the habit to wear exclesively secular clothes have lost something valuable.

Continued prayers as you progress in your journey of religios life!

mtjofmcap said...

Glad to have a new reader.

And thank you for the prayers!