08 September 2010


From a friar who's been a friar for twice as long as I've been alive:

Hi, Matthew! I don't believe we've ever met, although I was over at your folks for a party one summer before you entered the seminary. I just want to encourage you in your Franciscan vocation, Matt. I've been a friar for more than 50 years, and I wouldn't trade anything for the wonder, the joy of following St. Francis and St. Clare and their families. If there is one thing I could tell you in terms of how to grow in your love for the Lord's service it would be this. Be faithful to spiritual reading. Every day, Matt...
OK, Matt, as we celebrate Our Blessed Mother's birthday tomorrow, I leave you with this simple prayer I was taught by one of our friars when I was just five years old: "Mother dear, love me, bless me, today." God bless!

Thanks, Fr. Cassian, for showing me the way.

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