17 September 2010


From Cardinal Sean's blog:

Also last week, we laid Father Gerry Barry to rest last Thursday. His funeral Mass was a beautiful tribute to a great priest.

His nephew gave a beautiful reflection on the life and ministry of this priest who served the archdiocese and God’s people so well.
One of the very striking stories related by Father Berry’s nephew was that, as a young prison chaplain he met a prisoner who had been estranged from his daughters for many years. Struck by his story, Father Barry arranged to bring this prisoner and his daughters together for a meal and there was a reconciliation between them.
When Father was in the hospital dying one of the nurses taking care of him said, “You don’t you remember me, but my father was a prisoner and you helped bring us back together.”
It was just a beautiful tribute to the ministry of this man whose priestly life touched so many people.

Belongs on a vocation poster, I'd say.

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