14 September 2010

From Scratch

I'm teaching a religious education class at the parish adjacent to the friary.

So far, it appears as if I have only five students, ranging from grades five to seven.  The class is loosely titled "Post-Communion."  All I can really gather is that all the students have been baptized and received their first Holy Communion.  They are not yet in Confirmation preparation class, but they are still within the religious education program.

Today on my run I decided that I would go for broke and attempt to fill in the existing holes in their religious education.  My focus, I've decided, will center around the Apostles Creed, the (near) original symbol of our faith.  I'll have less than adequate textbook support for this endeavor, but these kids deserve the best I have and that's what they'll get.


Brother Charles said...

You follow in a rich tradition of friars in post-novitiate.

Br. Matt said...

I realized in teaching religion that trying to fill in all of the gaps in religious education is maddening.