16 September 2010

Haunting Words

I'm preparing my first religious education class at the moment.  I'm offering an introduction to Apostles' Creed in the first class, because that is the model/structure of the class that we will follow.  I recalled that a young Joseph Ratzinger had some interesting things to say about the Creed in his Introduction to Christianity, so I pulled it off my shelf.  I have no intention, mind you, of dropping Ratzinger on the kids, but I want to be brushed up on the necessary background.

Anyway, I came across this passage that I had underlined in the preface to the 1968 edition of the book.  Strong, prophetic words that can call all who serve the church or "do theology" to account and reflection:

The worried Christian of today is often bothered by questions like these ... Has [our theology] not gradually watered down the demands of faith, which had been found all too demanding, always only so little that nothing important seemed to be lost, yet always so much that it was soon possible to venture on the next step?  And will poor Jack, the Christian who trustingly let himself be led from exchanged to exchange, from interpretation to interpretation, not really soon hold in his hand, instead of the gold with which he began, only a whetstone that he can safely be advised to throw away?

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