14 September 2010

Not Golden Tongue for Nothing...

Saint John Chrysostom (c.345-407), priest at Antioch then Bishop of Constantinople, Doctor of the Church 
Homily on « Pater, si possible est» (©Friends of Henry Ashworth; PG 51,34-35) 

"God so loved the world"

The cross reconciled us with God, made earth, heaven, caused human beings to mingle with angels, destroyed the citadel of death, broke the strength of the devil, freed the world from error, and founded churches. The cross was the will of the Father, the glory of the Son, the joy of tbe Holy Spirit...

The cross is brighter than the sun, its rays are more brilliant. When the sun is darkened the cross shines forth, for the darkening of the sun does not mean it no longer exists, but that it is outshone by the splendor of the cross. The cross destroyed the bond that wa against us and opened the prison-house of death. The cross is the proof of God's love, for: «God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son to save those who believe from perishing».

The cross unlocked the gates of paradise, admitted the thief, and led to the kingdom of heaven the human race which, unworthy even of the earth, was on the point of being destroyed. 

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