27 September 2010

There's a Way to Do It

I can remember, at some point in the long past, my father wearing a pained expression on his face and addressing me, "Yeah kid, you're right, but there's a way to do it."

More and more, I've been thinking about this fatherly advice.  Yes, indeed, there is an appropriate way to do things.  I posit that this might be the great forgotten rule of the life of religion -- and yes, sadly, religious life.

There continual inability of men and women of all ideological stripes to speak about matters of faith with lucidity and charity is striking to me.*  Surely it can be expected in politics, but in religion too?

On this naive note, I believe it's time for some sleep.

*I should also note that I accuse myself, first and foremost, of a lack of charity in discussing the opinions of those different from my own.  

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