07 September 2010

What If They Took It All Away?

I went to bed last night with an inkling of a thought and it had become a full-blown contemplative exercise by the time I woke up.  Thus, my morning meditation was completely co-opted, but not in a particularly bad way.  No, my mind hardly wandered this morning as I thought about the question in the title of this post.

What if they took it all away?

By this I mean, what if this or that creature comfort was eliminated.  Would that require me to reconsider Capuchin life?  If the Order didn't provide me with money for vacation, what would I do?  If I had no money for days off (or a much less amount that I do now), would I bail?  If the constant supply of food that we have in our pantry disappeared and I found myself going to bed hungry, would I persevere?

Reflection upon these questions led to another, more poignant reality.  These wants (and needs) not being met are a fact of life for a significant minority (majority?) of the world's population.  I'm certainly thankful for the Order's goodness and generosity with me, but yet I find myself questioning whether a sort of acedia has grabbed a foothold on my religious life because I'm not in need, not completely reliant on the goodness of God for my necessities.

Yes, indeed, it was a good meditation today.

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